JAKCOM N2 Smart Nail

JAKCOM N2 Smart Nail New Multi function Product 
Of Intelligent Accessories No Charge Required 
New NFC Smart Wearable Gadget

Type: Screen Protectors
Compatibility: Android
Application Age Group: Adult
Function: NFC
N2M: copy the simulation into any one IC card
N2F: connect NFC smrt phone, to achieve a variety of features
N2L:encounter high-frequency signal will flash light.
Frequency range:13.56mhz
Standby time: no charge
Type: Watchbands Changers

JAKCOM N2 serial smart nail is an entirely new multifunctional nail art product , through the perfect combination of technology and fashion , Let it all no longer drab.
The N2M smart nail built-in a microchip that made by nano technology , it can copy and simulate to become most inductive IC card.

Access control card
Parking card
Elevator card
Shopping card
Time card
Membership card
Hospital card

The N2F smart nail built-in a new NFC chip of N X P Semiconductors , with exclusive Application ,so it can run a wide variety of function , let you immediately become the fashion player who are able to play with latest technology. 106 KB/s data transmission, 100,000 cycles of writing operation durability degree, The N2L smart nail is the second generation of LED nail tip , made by a new generation of Guinness level flexible circuit board , with 28 technological process to create it only having 0.1mm thick ; it can let your nail to become twinkle when it near any high-frequency signal , so that it can added more imaginary spaces of nail art design

NFC cell phone signal
Bus card signal
Metro card signal
Access control card signal
Shopping card signal
Parking card signal

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