Invisible Transparent UV Blacklight Paint

Question One, this 10ML can be printed many times? 
A: This is not necessarily the size of the basic ...... 100-300 times can print
Question two, how long this will become India continues not light fade only, etc.
A; this if you do not wash him not to rub his permanent
Question three, what made you this courier
A: Most of our liquid hair Swedish air parcel, China Post air parcel, shipping daily
Question 4: What is this chapter you can use
A: This is a common water we photosensitive and atomic chapter can be used
Five questions: how do I want to buy 30ML
A: You can take three bottles, bottle is 10ML (how much how much you want to shoot)
If you want a bottle of 30ML indicate what you do not indicate it will send three bottles.
Question six: you this is what the above
A: This is a water-based ink, is used in our above-absorbent material, such as:
Security invisible ink in the violet light exposure before they can see the content Application:. Skin, light A4 paper, plain paper, movie tickets, tickets; bars, karaoke bars, discos, KTV clubs, such activities.
If you need oil-based ink can be printed on oil-based metal, glass, plastics and other smooth surface, you buy an oil-based Varnish base Transparent UV Reactive Blacklight Paint
Non-toxic odorless, note the difference with Glow in the dark pigment, Transparent UV Reactive Blacklight Paint itself does not light, colorless, and only in the long-wave (365nm or 395 nm) before glow.

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