Walkie Talkie Earphone 1S Xiaomi Mijia Beebest BE501

-For walkie talkie. 13g so mini size and 125 hours super long standby.
-Get rid of the shackles of the line, free your hands and avoid accidental touch.
-It can be easily charged by moving the power.
-The headphones can be connected stably within 10 meters.
-The headset can only be connected to one device when it is connected to the transceiver.
-MEMS silicon microphone, a dynamic unit that incorporates multiple technologies, and a silicone-suppressed vibration ring for clearer call radio.
How To Use:
-After using the headset to dock the intercom, you can press and hold the call button to talk.
-You can also enable the short button trigger function and press the call button to talk.
Package Included:
1 x XIAOMI Mijia Beebest Earphone (Walkie Talkie Not Included) (Xiaomi ecological chain)
3 x Ear Tips

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